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How to Apply for a Rebate

How to Apply for a Rebate

  1. Find a contractor at the link below
  2. Submit a rebate application
  3. Pre- on-site verification
  4. Installation
  5. Submit all required documentation
  6. Receive your rebate check
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How to Apply for a Rebate

Applying for our Business Rebate Program is simple. If you’re a non-residential customer with facilities in PPL Electric Utilities’ service territories, you’re eligible to earn cash rebates toward energy efficiency improvements.

Effective immediately, all project applications submitted after January 1, 2018 will require pre-approval to reserve funds, if available, for rebates from the PPL Business Energy Efficiency Program. A Pre-approval application should be requested for the project prior to the purchase of materials. Please contact us at 1-866-432-5501 with any questions. Reserving funds ensures the amount reserved will be available upon completion of the project; however, the final rebate amount is not guaranteed until the final project savings are verified.

Just follow the steps below:

Contact Us

We can help you and your consultant/contractor determine eligibility and guide you through the rebate process. For help finding a contractor, use our contractor database.

Submit a rebate application

After energy efficiency projects are identified, visit our online application portal to set up an account in order to submit applications for rebates.

Required documentation may include a W-9, current electric bill, product specifications, savings calculations (lighting and/or custom) and invoices (including equipment quantities, model numbers, material costs and shipping address).

Projects must be submitted online to reserve funds. Based on the application's timelines and scope, we will calculate preliminary rebates and energy savings. Once reviewed and approved, we will notify you in writing of your rebate.*

To streamline the process, feel free to use our application checklist:

  • Copy of current PPL electric bill.
  • Dated, itemized invoices, including equipment quantities, model numbers, material costs and shipping address to verify equipment applying for rebates. 
  • Manufacturers’ specification sheets for each qualifying equipment type to verify the equipment meets the program efficiency levels.
  • Rebate calculator(s), as needed for equipment and systems affected,
  • Completed, signed W-9 with tax identification of rebate recipient(s).

* Rebates are not reserved without a complete application, including all support materials.

Pre- on-site verification

If we didn’t assist in the initial assessment, our program team may need to verify the facility for pre-approval purposes. Contact us to determine if that’s the case.


The contractor will then move forward with your chosen installations and upgrades. Please have notify us immediately of any changes to the project scope, equipment selection or timeline.

Submit all required documentation

Upon completion of project, you’ll need to submit all required supporting documentation and signed installation verification letter. What’s required will be listed on your rebate application status online. This completes your application for final review.

Receive your rebate check

Once your final application has been approved, a rebate check will be sent to the contact specified in the application. The rebates are issued approximately 4 to 6 weeks after project approval. Within a few weeks of receiving your rebate check, we will reach out with a customer satisfaction survey. We hope that you take the time to respond favorably and provide feedback on how PPL's Business Energy Efficiency Program helped your business.


See our frequently asked questions or contact us at 1-866-432-5501 or [email protected].